The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The White iPhone 4 Blog Special Feature Announcement

Yesterday, I discussed how because of the likely August delivery date of the white iPhone 4, we were going to have to come up with a way to amuse ourselves while we waited.  I also alluded to a few tricks I might have stuffed up my sleve.  So I wanted to give everyone an idea of some of the things that I have planned, and why I'm excited about them.

1. White iPhone 4 Versus

I plan to do an periodic column pitting the white iPhone 4 up against other gadgets, works of art, or even people.  We'll see how it stacks up against some of the greatest or most ridiculous things out there.  The first one of those should be coming soon.

2. Deconstruction of Other Smartphones

I'll take rhetorical shots at just about every other smartphone on the market.  And maybe a few dumbphones.  Who knows, maybe even some MP3 players and cameras.  Because your friend (or foe) with that other gadget is not just wrong about its superiority.  She's comically wrong.  Get ready to roll around and revel in fanpersonism.

3. Product Reviews

As I don't have a lot of money, these will be theoretical, for the most part.  I'll take a look at all the iPhone accessories out there, and find the coolest ones to tell you about.  As always, the focus will be white iPhone forward, with an eye towards what will look great with your white iPhone 4 when it finally goes home with you.

Sound good to everyone?  Am I doing alright here?

One more thing.

4. A Hands-on iPhone 4 Review

That's right folks.  Against my better judgment, I managed to get ahold of a pre-order for the black one.  I had some spare money set aside to pick up a Project Natal device on release, and I decided to spend it on an iPhone 4 instead.  Project Natal, now Kinect, looked incredibly lame at E3.  (Hint: While some may find it cute, that poor motion-sensitive tiger is going to get abused at parties.)  So on launch day, I'll be reviewing the iPhone 4 hands-on for all of you.  We'll find out how much better it really is, from the perspective of an iPhone lover with an eye for some of the finer points that other reviewers often overlook.  I'll bring you my take in images and words.

So cheer up, white iPhoneers.  We've got a lot to do.


  1. Sounds good to me. I'll keep reading.

  2. What's really weird to me is none of the media sites seem to care about Apple's silence on the white iPhone.

  3. Yeah @ Ric. It's annoying no one is questioning Apple. Some people believe it is coming on the 24th and this is some marketing ploy. I sure hope so. I got IOS4 on my Iphone 3G and it runs like a pig.