The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Sunday, June 20, 2010

iPhone News and Rumor Roundup, June 20, 2010

Good evening everyone! I'm back from my trip and incredibly exhausted, but I had a great time. There was no reception where I was, so I haven't had the chance to update. Here's what's new:

1. Some iPhone 4s Have Shipped

Word is filtering in that some customers have received shipping notification on their pre-orders. This should put an end to stories suggesting that Apple was pushing back shipping of all pre-orders to July 14. I have yet to see an email, but I have no doubt I'll soon hear about the shipment of the test unit I ordered.

2. Still No Official White iPhone 4 News, Rumors Abound

The word on the street is now that a factory problem is the cause of the delay, per Best Buy employees. Apple has so far made no official move to explain the white one's absence, so what we think we know so far is:

A. White iPhone 4 isn't coming until at least August.

B. This is due to a manufacturing problem.

An AT&T rep. has been reported to have said white won't even be available until 2011. Given the known lifespan of an iPhone model, this rumor is highly unlikely to ne true. Anyway, still no good news to be had.  Best Buy has cancelled the pre-orders it took for white iPhone 4s, and it appears that none will be out there on the 24th.

My source for the white iPhone news is here.


  1. Beatweek doesn't seem very reliable to me honestly.

  2. An article I found regarding supply issues of the retina display...this could be why they have pushed back the white model?.....but I'm not sure if this would be related to the color of the phone, but it's an interesting read anyway (from CNET News) URL:

  3. Cheers for the ongoing updates.
    I'm not absolutely desperate for this phone, but I was very much looking forward to getting the white one in the next few weeks, so all of these rumours and silence from Apple is just annoying really.

  4. Well apparently Best Buy has White iPhone 4's coming to their store it

  5. I really don't see how Best Buy would have any coming...when the Apple store had zero from the start. I could be wrong...but I can't wait to see the look on the people faces that ordered White ones.., when Best buy says "Sorry your phone has been delayed indefinitely", LOL. Don't get me wrong...I am awaiting the White Iphone 4 release as well :(. Just hope you get some REAL answers soon...

  6. I just dug up the article in question. Check out my write-up above.

    Thanks for the tip, Brendan.

    Gia, I also checked out yours, and like you, I'm not sure how the white iPhone 4 could be delayed by a general parts shortage, unless Apple decided to only bring us black first.

    I guess if you have a shortage, it's a pretty ingenious way to make sure buzz keeps up.