The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Monday, June 21, 2010

White HTC Evo an Implausible Substitute for White iPhone 4

The Droidbags are at it again.

Ever noticed an interesting media bias on the tech blogs?  It seems like every one of them has this ridiculous love for all things Android.  Even though they know iPhone is by far the better platform, and iOS is light-years ahead of Android in terms of user experience (UX), it seems every article they write grudgingly acknowledging the fact is wishing with all its might that Android phones will catch up.

So here's the latest joke to fly out of the chucklebucket that we know as the Android-Webmedia Complex.

It seems that tech sites all over the web are picking up a, "No White iPhone 4?  Get a White HTC Evo Instead!" meme.  Articles at FortuneTech, GeekSugar, News Provider Tech, and others are suggesting that the White HTC Evo is just as good.  Either they're hoping to get bumped up higher in Googliath's search results, or they really have no idea what makes the white iPhone 4 so special.

Painting the Evo white, however, will just turn what's already a monstrosity into a great, white monstrosity.  No longer will Captain Ahab be bored this summer folks.  There's a new white whale in town for him to hunt down and harpoon.  Let's take a look at a mockup picture of it, just for fun:

But does it come in "not ugly"?

Note the form factor hasn't been modified any.  The same geegaws are tacked all over this hulk, with visionless bevels, misplaced controls, and of course (not pictured) the five different unnecessary buttons tacked to the bottom of the thing.  It's like an explosion in a hardware store that someone glued back together and managed to get internet access on.  Painting it white just doesn't change that.

Note also the tasteless use of branding decals at the top of the phone.  Brazenly displayed on this unit are the words HTC and Sprint, with a little Sprint logo tossed in for good measure.  Ever bought a used car?  Ever tried to get the car dealer not to stick on the dealer markings?  So what if you got your phone at Al Harrington's Discount Emporium and Warehouse?  I don't want it on my hardware.  If AT&T ever tried to stick their logo on an iPhone, what do you think Steve Jobs would say?  I don't want to hear that conversation, but I'd be willing to bet he doesn't own any cars with dealer markings.

Besides, all that aside, the white Evo still has one major problem.  It runs Android.

Part of what the white iPhone 4 means is class.  And Ahab's foe here makes a valiant effort, but really just ends up getting beached.  Nice try.  No sale.

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  1. Hahaha...Eventhough I am still holding out for the White iPhone....., I would take a Black iPhone over a White EVO anyday !