The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Quest from the White Apple Knight to You

Everyone who reads this and wants to go on a little mission, I've got a great idea.

We know that Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Best Buy and Apple stores might just have white iPhone 4 units in tomorrow.  Let's try and be the first to break the news, and maybe in the process be the first to get our hands on them.

You are officially a reporter for The White iPhone 4 Blog.  With your new press credentials, I bid you go to the nearest Radio Shack, Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Apple stores tomorrow in the late afternoon or evening, and ask a manager or employee to check the iPhone 4 stock to see if there are white iPhone 4s available.

Tell them you're doing research for a blog, and you'd really appreciate their help.  Based on Apple's past branding, the color should be written right on the outside of the box, on the small sticker on the lower back side.  The front picture may also be of a white iPhone 4.  If you can talk them into taking you back to snap a quick photo, do so.  Report back with at least the following information:  Store name and location, what was said, and if possible, a general idea of how many white ones the store has, if any.

I'd guess we'll have the best luck getting employees at the 3rd party retailers to check for us.  But it never hurts to go to an Apple store and ask.  They may be sympathetic to tech bloggers.

Let's have some fun on this one, and take the battle back to those who would keep us in the dark.  More to follow.


  1. I got the call from BB that I didn't want yesterday. The white 32 that I pre-ordered would not be in for launch They offered me a black one. I declined. They said I was first in line for the next 32 white they get--expected mid to late July. They were on one of the leaked inventory sheets as receiving 10 white 32s. So, I'm waiting.
    Elly44 :(

  2. I will be at the Apple store tomorrow am at open! Just in case!

  3. My friend who works at my local Best Buy says they will not have any tomorrow... :(