The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Deep Dark Void of White iPhone 4 News

Today is a dark day for white iPhone 4 enthusiasts, quite literally.  There is no news at all from any source.  The same played-out rumors, speculation, and repackaged news that we all already knew on launch day is all we have on the web to sustain us.  However, this void is, in and of itself, news.

As I discussed yesterday, the problem is one of PR.  Apple, in its silence, has let hope for white iPhone 4 on launch day to continue unabated.  While I hope it's available for all of you that pre-ordered at Best Buy or plan to camp for one, what if it isn't?

What if you wait in line from 5 p.m. tomorrow after you get off work until they open the Apple store on the morning of the 24th, you get in store, and find out there was never going to be a white iPhone available?  What if you wait longer than that?  What if one in every five people in line are doing the same thing, hoping to get it in white?

The potential PR disaster that would occur if Apple doesn't say a word, and just lets its most avid fans do that to themselves would be immense.  Apple could lose some followers right there on the spot.  It would be letting down the people who showed it the most trust and faith.  What's more, we already trust Apple not to screw us over, so the longer they remain silent the more people will believe that white iPhones are waiting for them at the end of the queue.

All Apple has to do to avoid it is make one little announcement.  When and where will the white iPhone 4 be available?  It doesn't even have to be a set date.  They just need to give people a general idea.  That will be enough to prevent irrational behavior that will end up costing Apple serious publicity points.  If it doesn't make such an announcement, it might as well be saying, "Come on down!  We'll have them on day one!"  Should that not be the case, and no announcement is made, Apple's dug itself a hole, and it will start filling up with disgruntled white iPhone seekers on launch day, muddying the message on a day that's supposed to be rife with positive headlines.

Let's hope they know what they're doing over there in Cupertino.


  1. Best Buy has confirmed that the white iPhone will not be available on launch day, according to the FAQ section in the forums. Still keeping fingers crossed though!

  2. Has anyone confirmed if Wal-Mart will have them ?