The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Launch Mania!

Well, us white iPhone waiters may have something to relax about, for now.  The pre-orders that were given to be filled by Best Buy, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart are gone, and the stores received fewer phones than they expected.

So now, if you want a launch day iPhone and you didn't pre-order, you'd better be in line at an Apple store, because that's the only place you'll find one.

Best Buys are getting one or two extra units, if any.  Wal-Mart and Radio Shack are the same.  These things are selling out like hotcakes.  So if you're not reading this from the line, from your new iPhone 4, or sitting outside your home waiting for the Fed Ex truck, you're probably out of luck for a few weeks.  In other news, the price of an AT&T-locked iPhone 4 is skyrocketing on eBay, with prices now averaging near $1,000.00.

Stay tuned for more.

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