The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Entrepreneur Rents Out a Place in Line at a San Francisco Apple Store

An iPhone convert has decided to rent out his extra place in line at the Apple Store on Stockton Street in San Francisco.  Got $200.00?  Buy a shot at a white iPhone 4.

It seems a tautology to say that if there is a white iPhone 4 released, it will be sold at an Apple store.  It makes even more sense that an Apple store in San Francisco, a.k.a. one of the more chic places in the states, would be an even more likely bet to have one. 

Chris Bank, though he hasn't said anything about a white iPhone 4 yet, is saving a place for one lucky person in front of the Stockton Street Apple Store in San Francisco.  He's never owned an iPhone, and will be happily tossing away his Blackberry for a new iPhone 4 as soon as the doors open in what is now almost 30 hours.  You could be sitting next to him.

The White iPhone 4 Blog has followed him on Twitter (@sbanker), and tossed him a message asking about white iPhone 4.  No reply yet, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

While we wait, check out his to-die-for rental property here.

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