The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Kind of Manufacturing Difficulties? Let's figure it out!

So we now know that the delay of our favorite white enigma is due to difficulties in manufacturing.  Since we know the only difference between the two models is the color, what could be harder about it?

I want to do a full story on it, but I want your feedback first!

Add your comments, and I'll take a look.  They can be funny, serious, technical or artistic.  Let's just compile what we can all dream up, and then I'll do a write-up.  Credit will go to whoever's ideas go into the story!

Cheers everyone!  Let's make the long ride to the end of July a fun one!


  1. this is from gizmodo:
    UPDATE: From a reader/Design Manager who knows a thing or two about mass manufacturing, white equipment may indeed be harder to produce than black:

    "The process to make the back of the glass black is an electroplating process. This creates a very durable consistent and smooth black finish. To make white on the other hand you have to paint the back of the glass with white paint. It is difficult to create a smooth opaque look with the white. Also if the white paint goes on too thick it is difficult to glue the glass on because the glue will stick to the paint, but the paint will pull off of the glass. "

    UPDATE 2: From another reader who cannot disclose their identity:

    "Actually the white on the iPhone is not painted, it is screen printed. I cannot say who I am as Apple does have a non-disclosure in effect for this, but: The color specifications for the white on the new iPhones are just crazy. The tolerances they are trying to achieve with the white really is the cause of the delay. As screen printing goes, it is somewhat controllable, doesn't have the tolerance that Apple is wanting to hold the color specification of the white too. Talk about anal..."