The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Pictures of White iPhone 4, But No Word Yet on Release

While Monday came and has mostly gone with no white iPhone 4 news, I did manage to come across some more pictures, which I think are from the same set as the ones I put up in an earlier post.  Check out some more angles, detail, and even the packaging!  We've got to be getting close...

Camera close-up...

A view from the top.


To the left, the sim tray.

To the right, the volume controls.

The volume controls up close and personal.

In profile, elevated.

To the front, a thing of beauty.

A vessel for dreams...

In the absence of news, I hope this holds everyone over for awhile.  Be assured I'm keeping on top of things, and when I read something new, I'll look into it, write it up, and post it here.  Cheers, my friends.  The wait is almost over.


  1. I was in an Apple Store this weekend and asked about the white iPhone, just in case…

    I was pretty much laughed at. Oh well.

  2. I tweeted you a link to these photos last Thursday since you hadn't posted it on Wednesday.Here's an interesting link from yesterday:

    I think it will be at least another month before any white iPhones are available. It would be nice if there was a forum on this site open for general discussion.

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