The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Thursday, July 15, 2010

iPhone 4 Event Tomorrow! Will Apple Announce White iPhone 4?

Apple today announced an iPhone-oriented press conference for tomorrow, July 16th.  While many people have their eyes fixed on the iPhone 4 antenna issue as the reason for this conference, what if it's something else?  Could Apple be announcing the release of the white iPhone 4?

Not many mainstream news organizations seem to think so.  Most seem to speculate that the conference is in response to the antenna bug, due to the widespread negative publicity garnered by the Consumer Reports review.  Well, no doubt Apple will address this in some way.  It is also further rumored that the software patch to fix the reception indicator is also coming out today, lending credence to the idea that Apple intends to discuss the antenna bug.

However, consider all the evidence.  We haven't heard a word about white iPhone 4 since just before the release.  Not a whisper.  We even had to piece together on our own why the white iPhone 4 was delayed.

But tomorrow, July 16, begins the second half of July.  Their last announcement indicated that general time frame, but gave us nothing more specific than that.  I'd guess, at the very least, we'll get some details on white iPhone 4 at tomorrow's event.

In all likelihood, it won't be the center of their presentation.  But it will probably make an appearance.  Our long wait appears as if it may be coming to its end.

What do you think they'll say tomorrow?


  1. The anticipation is KILLING me!!

  2. Yeah end of July iPhone 4 will be released... :)
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  3. It is also further rumored that the software patch to fix the reception indicator is also coming out today.can you jailbreak iphone 4s

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