The White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4

Friday, July 9, 2010

An Artful Case and Antenna Solution in One! Check These Out!

In a much earlier post, I pointed out the cool iPhone 4 stuff you could find on  It seems a designer there has come up with the coolest, most elegant way to protect your phone's stainless sides and style it up at the same time.  If you haven't seen these yet, you're going to want them for your iPhone 4.  I guarantee it.

The Etsy store designer Lucky Labs is selling the ultimate protection and antenna solution for iPhone 4.  It's stylish.  It's elegant.  And it doesn't alter the iPhone 4's form factor.

This one's red.  But it comes in a wide array of colors.

The solution?  A vinyl decal that's been cut to fit your iPhone 4's stainless steel antenna.  It comes in 3 pieces, in sets of 3, for just $9.99.  You can even mix and match colors in your set of 3, so you can change them out when you get tired of the color you're using.  (Keep in mind though, once you take them off they're probably best thrown away.  Vinyl stretches.)  There are a number of colors to choose from.

So you're probably wondering if they're cheap and crappy-feeling.  Not according to's forums.  Every review there has been very positive, with a few people noting the hole cutouts aren't perfectly aligned, and they leave some stainless steel exposed.  Others on the forum say, however, that if you apply them carefully, it looks great even with a bit of exposed stainless (you don't want people to forget it's under there, after all).

Overall, this looks like an awesome idea.  What colors would you go for on a white iPhone 4?  White on white would be pretty sweet, and I'd bet a black band around your white iPhone 4 would look very unique.  How about red?  Tell us what you think.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive review of this product, as I plan to order a set.


  1. Have you seen

    I think that will look pretty good too but they aren't cut out to fit the Iphone 4. I'll probably buy my own carbon fiber and try to cut it out.

  2. I donno how much I can take of this waiting for my preorder white iphone4.Waiting this long is torture, unfair and its not right.

    I ordered a fullbody EX Ultra Crystal Clear shield from SGP. And going to use the element R-Vapor carbon case when it arrives.

    On my old 3g I used powersupport antiglare shield with the sedio burgandy case. This time around Im going to run with the clear view due to the retina display having extreem clearity in direct sunlight.

    I ordered the High Definition EX Ultra fullbody from SGP and it just arrived yesterday. They also sent me a Ultra Crystal back shield as a bonus I guess. I only ordered the 1 and they sent me something additional.

    If anyone orders a fullbody EX Ultra Clear set from SGP you should know that in the packaging you recieve TWO sets not just one. So its a pretty good deal for the cost of only 20bucks.

    Now I just need my white phone and the Vapor case.